Thesilversky Hiro Hoodie Pullover Set Cargo Pants


The hoodie that started it all. An essential classic and comfy look with Thesilversky® Hiro Hoodie Pullover Set

Hiro Hoodie Pullover available in multiple on-trend colors
Pair with the Cargo Pants in casual Y2K-style
It has straight legs, a modern baggy fit, adjustable waist

Relaxed fit and super comfy midweight Premium Fleece— smooth on the outside and soft fleece on the inside, making it perfect for everyday wear!
You can pick single or set matching look
(Hoodie dan Cargo Pants dijual terpisah)

Size Chart Cargo Pants
Lingkar Pinggang x Lingkar Pinggul x Lingkar paha x Panjang
M 54-86 x 82 x 60 x 96
L 60-92 x 90 x 62 x 97
XL 66-102 x 100x 66 x 103

Cargo colors: Black, Dark Brown, Grey (Size M-L-XL)

Unisex Regular Fit
Sides pockets in Cargo Pants
Best PE Premium Fleece
Non-itchy fabric

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