Thesilversky Nagano Half Zip Sweater Rugby Vintage


Street meets luxe: Thesilversky® Nagano Half-Zip Sweater

For practice & all your other plans
Nagano is a wear-right-now, fresh-forever superstar style that instantly elevate your classic and vintage look

* Cool for school, working, or wearing out
* Designed uniquely fit for unisex style
* ⁠YKK Premium Zipper
* ⁠Best PE Fleece material
* ⁠Non-itchy fabric
* ⁠Super comfy, soft, breathable

Models female wears size L, male size XL

Size Chart
Lebar Dada X Panjang
M 56 X 69cm
L 60 X 72cm
XL 64 X 75cm
XXL 67 X 80cm

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